HoiZen Bnb is the loving creation of  Shelby and Mike Foster, a couple with two daughters, Tessa and Molly. Inspired by cherished memories at Shelby's grandparents' bed and breakfast, they envisioned a space of joy and connection for their family. In 2018, fate led them to their dream property, and in the Spring of 2019, HoriZen Bnb was born.

While the last five years have had there challenges they have also brought so much joy and connection. It has been such an honour and privilege to be part of each guest's journey. Both Mike and I are committed to creating a space where people feel a sense of safety, connection, and belonging. With each year comes new ideas and expressions of how we do this. 

HoriZen Bnb isn’t just a hotel in Leamington — it’s an expression of gratitude, cultivated from the purest desire to serve others and share the gift of joy with everyone who passes through the doors.

You’re welcome at HoriZen Bnb!